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This site contains material and links that are suitable for most ages. The links are interesting and some of the puzzles quite challenging so don't think that you are too old to be Joe's friend. The Maths content currently is suitable for children between 4 and 15, although more complex material may well be added in the future. The spelling game is suitable for ages 5 - 12. If you have a set of words you would like to have added to it send them, along with clues to Joe .

Joe the Dragon is a very friendly dragon. He likes to have as many friends as possible. He hopes that you will become one of his good friends and come back to see him often. Please note that this website is perfect for Maths GCSE


Joe is a Welsh dragon, but he lived in a cave in the woods of Wisconsin in the USA, before settling in England between journeys. One day you will have to read the story of how he came to take up traveling around the world.

For now, all you need to know about him is that he is a lot of fun to play with, to travel with and to learn with. You can accompany him on his latest journey, seeing loads of interesting places, or you can visit his Lair and try some quizzes or play a game or read a story. You could even suggest something for Joe to do, and come back in a few weeks and hear all about it. Let him know when your birthday is and he'll send you a surprise. Have a look around. I hope you like The Lair.

Joe the Dragon's Lair is an entirely non-commercial, not for profit site. None of the links are sponsored in any way, but are included on merit only. All the photographs are used with the permission of the copyright holder. All the games are the work of Joe's webweaver,Louise.

If you like what you see please let Joe know.

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